Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Meeting Information

  • Location CC L210A, 11 am
  • DocDB

Blue Jeans Connection Information

  1. Enter Meeting ID: 895800575
  2. Press #


  1. Survey of HMS and SHMS spectrometers. Presently doing surveys to set the angle plates for the SHMS. Do we need surveys for the HMS plates?
  2. Commissioning plan updates from detector systems
  3. Status update from detector owners, calibrations, efficiencies, etc.
    1. Calibration of the HGC
  4. Review systems owners and update information
  5. Address system specific points of interest for the Fall 2017 run
  6. Hall C Background Helium
  7. Plans for SHMS Magnet Nonlinearity Studies Starting With Q1



  • Mark updated a list of summer tasks which need to be completed prior to the Fall 2017 run
    • Update the wiki page, or email Mark, if anything needs to be added or modified
  • Sam showed some slides regarding the helium levels in Hall-C
    • There is an average of 150 ppm of He in Hall-C while there is none in Hall-A
    • The helium mixing in Hall-C was modeled with various models which indicates that in its butternut state the Hall is a very poor environment for PMT's
    • It is clear there are substantial helium leaks in the hall
  • Dave showed some slides regarding the SHMS magnet tune reproducibility
    • He has compiled a To-Do list for summer to complete with Sam


Heavy Gas Cherenkov

  • Ryan showed some slides regarding the HGC NPE spectra
    • The HGC is performing below expected in regards to light collection
    • The NPE spectra are systematically smaller than expected than what is observed in simulation
    • Double bands present in the NPE vs. track intersection at the mirror planes indicate some misunderstandings,
      • The suggestion moving forward is that the z-axis needs to filled with the average of NPE instead of the raw sum