Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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Meeting Information

  • Location CC L210A, 11 am
  • DocDB

Blue Jeans Connection Information

  1. Enter Meeting ID: 895800575
  2. Press #


  1. Commissioning plan updates from detector systems
  2. Status update from detector owners, calibrations, efficiencies, etc.
  3. Review systems owners and update information
  4. Address system specific points of interest for the Fall 2017 run



  • Dead-time studies are planned for next week


12 GeV Drift Chambers

  • The chambers are going to be installed in the stack tomorrow
    • The dipole probe work is being completed today
  • Chuck fabricated the LV box and will hook it up tomorrow
  • Prior to installation it was suggested that they take data with the 4 reference times and replay the data with the new 12 GeV configuration to ensure functionality
  • Need to update maps for 12 GeV chamber wiring scheme
    • This will need to be handled via standard.database


  • Work is on going regarding gain matching



  • Currently analyzing cosmic data in an attempt to understand issues regarding the reference times
  • Running parasitically with other detectors and productions triggers
  • SHMS_allGEM ROL has been reconfigured so that the GEM data will only go to the data stream if a GEM specific trigger is found
  • They are moving the power supply to the enclosure, GEM operations will be halted until completion
  • GEM software is being installed on cdaq for public use
  • Work is ongoing with integrating the GEM software into hcana


  • 12 quartz bars have been fabricated
  • Remaining four cookies for one side are curing, then they be flipped and the other 4 will be made on Saturday
  • 8 bars are being tested at a time in the cosmic test stand
  • The plan is take 12 days of cosmic data per 8 bars
  • The plan is install the bars onto the frame on Nov 18 and then put them in the stack
  • In principle the plane should be ready by nov 20 (Monday)
  • Commissioning run plan is in progress, will look at pulse integral for NPE count
    • Check efficiencies, will compare to discriminator thresholds
  • Plan is write some code to quantitatively measure the gain matching for each of the tubes
  • Abel is working on the 3/4 and TOF efficiency measurements

Heavy Gas Cherenkov

  • Simulation is going well, candidates for where pe is being lost is being investigated
  • Optical grease and RGB are the leading candidates
  • If modifications to hardware are planned it will be done prior to the fall run
  • Commissioning run plan is being developed

Aerogel Cerenkov

  • Received pmt from CUA however they received the wrong PMT with a low QE and a different window
  • They will receive a new PMT sometime next week
  • Will immediately test and install


  • Good to go however more test are required for the pre-shower due to a noisy channel but work is ongoing
  • Will start cosmic run today