Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Meeting Information

  • Location CC L210A, 11 am
  • DocDB

Blue Jeans Connection Information

  1. Enter Meeting ID: 895800575
  2. Press #


  1. Commissioning plan updates from detector systems
  2. Status update from detector owners, calibrations, efficiencies, etc.
    1. Heavy Gas Cerenkov Update - Ryan
    2. GEM Update - Latif
    3. SHMS Quartz Plane Update - Simona
    4. HMS 12 GeV Chamber Update - Bishnu
  3. Review systems owners and update information
  4. Address system specific points of interest for the Fall 2017 run




12 GeV Drift Chambers




Heavy Gas Cherenkov

  • Ryan showed some slides
  • Documentation has been added to the DocDB and a README in the CALIBRATION directory in hallc_replay
  • He added ability to update calibration constants
  • Updated pioen efficiency to pioen ratio
  • Simulations are ongoing to better understand the loss of PE’s observed during the KPP run
  • The studies are ongoing