Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Meeting Information

  • Location CC L210A, 11 am
  • DocDB

Blue Jeans Connection Information

  1. Enter Meeting ID: 895800575
  2. Press #


  1. Commissioning plan updates from detector systems
  2. Status update from detector owners, calibrations, efficiencies, etc.
  3. Review systems owners and update information
  4. Address system specific points of interest for the Fall 2017 run


SHMS Optics

  • Dave showed some slides
  • He showed his studies on the scaling of spectrometer tunes
  • The quads will be set via current while utilizing supplemental information from Hall probes
  • It has been determined that they cannot make accurate absolute field measurements to compare to model as a result of the high field gradient
  • Outlook for setting up the precision tool looks rather promising
  • Holly showed some slides
  • She reported on her studies of the SHMS Q2 non-linearity corrections
  • Mark Jones will provide a detailed data set for the HB
  • The studies from Q2 look good
  • The plan moving forward is to study Q1 in a similar fashion
  • Mark showed some slides
  • He showed his studies regarding the Reproducibility of SHMS magnets tested using COSY and mc-single-arm
  • There was previously a mis-match between the order of the forward transport matrix as compared to the fitted matrix reconstruction, this haws since been fixed
  • He showed a plethora of plots regarding known changes in the MC which is unknown to the analysis
  • These studies were done for Q1, Q2, Q3, and HB


  • Ahmed showed some slides regarding the preliminary work on dead time measurements
  • The primary aim of the study was to determine if all the individual hodoscope PMT’s were showing reasonable results
  • Carlos showed EDTM Studies some slides
  • He has been working on understanding the EDTM with Eric, Mark, and Brad
  • There is a lot of peculiarities at the moment that are not understood
  • The work is ongoing
  • The SHMS scalers are not properly synced at the moment although the readout HMS is
    • This could explain the oddities in the dead time measurements
  • Once the long busy with the HMS is fixed a more comprehensive study can be conducted



  • Simona made some comments regarding the status of the quartz plane
  • The SHMS tubes will be shipped soon
  • The manufacturers fabricated 40 with the expectation that 32 should meet specs
  • They will perform a partial shipment
  • The fabrication of the cookies are consistently good with 50 um thickness
  • A report will be prepared for next meeting