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Error/Status Messages

Beginning of run error/status messages

Created test result test.ctrig
This is a CTP error. The test 'ctrig' was not declared before being used. You can define a test without declaring it first, but you might have trouble with the variable type.

thTest: Unregistered variable varibale_name - Test booking error in line 3
This is another CTP error. A test was defined using a variable that does not exist. e.g. the test 'goodxy = goodx&&goody' will give an error if goodx or goody are not defined. This leads to the unregistered variable and test booking error. This can occur when defining histograms as well as tests. The line number is the line within the test or hist block. The error message will eventually be modified to give the name of the unregistered variable and/or the block name.

Warning! Danger Will Robinson! Inconsistant Thresholds approaching!
This means that the engine has found a 'large' difference between the pedestal values for the ADCs and the sparsification threshold that was programmed into the ADC. This is a sign that new thresholds may be needed. The file  cdaq/coda/hms(sos)_thresholds.dat contains the values that are programmed into the ADCs whenever you 'prestart' a run. When you analyze a run, the file  /replay/PEDS/hms(sos)_thresholds.runno is created with the analyzer's idea of good thresholds.

Middle of run error/status messages

Error messages

roc 1 has no data for event 4420 scanmask= A0828A
The roc had one or more modules that did not have data. This could be a hardware failure or a readout/syncronization problem. The scanmask is just a bit mask, telling you which modules had data to be read out. For examble, the last two bytes (8A) give a bitmask '10001010'. This corresponds to slots 1, 3, and 7 having data to be read out (since the last bit corresponds to slot 0). Notify shift leader or data aquisition person.

ERROR: BAD FB value evfrag(nn)=nnnnnn ROC=n event=nnn
The code has found a bad fastbus word. THIS IS BAD. Notify shift leader or data aquisition person.

g_decode_fb_detector: Max exceeded, did=n, max=n: event nnnn
A detector had too many hits to be decoded fully. The did number is the detector ID. You can look at the MAP file in order to determine which detector had the problem. If it was the wire chambers, it is probably OK as long as it only occurs once. The other detectors should not be able to get too many hits. Notify someone of the problem.

Status messages

RZCDIR. Unknown directory //RAWH:
This is one of those error messages you get when nothing is wrong. Think of it as a status message telling you if you are dumping ntuples or not. No error message = not saving ntuples. Error message = Ntuples being written.

event# 15003 F
Just a progress report. Dumps the event number every 5000 physics events. The 'F' means that the ABORT variable is .false., though if it were .true., the engine would abort, and you wouldn't get the message.

Finished dumping histograms/scalers for first 10232 events
The histograms and scaler reports are dumped every once in a while. This way you don't have to finish the run in order to start looking at the results, and you don't lose everything if you interrupt the replay. The ntuples do NOT get closed properly until the end of the run.

skipping outoforder scaler event:...
Just a status message. Sometimes the scalers are not read out in time order (they get buffered and read out several events at a time, but not in the order they were taken). In order to avoid false scaler roll-over, we skip scaler events that to not come in order.

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Mark Jones 2003-03-10