Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
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1#ifndef ROOT_THcHodoHit
2#define ROOT_THcHodoHit
5// //
6// THcHodoHit //
7// //
10#include "TObject.h"
12//#include "THcDriftChamber.h"
13#include "THcRawHodoHit.h"
14#include <cstdio>
16class THcHodoHit : public TObject {
20 THcHodoHit(Int_t postdc, Int_t negtdc, Double_t posadc, Double_t negadc,
21 Int_t ipad, THcScintillatorPlane* sp) :
22 fPosTDC(postdc), fNegTDC(negtdc), fPosADC_Ped(posadc), fNegADC_Ped(negadc),
26 virtual ~THcHodoHit() {}
28 Bool_t IsSortable () const { return kFALSE; }
30 // Get and Set Functions
31 Double_t GetPosADC() const { return fPosADC_Ped; }
32 Double_t GetNegADC() const { return fNegADC_Ped; }
40 Int_t GetPosTDC() const { return fPosTDC; }
41 Int_t GetNegTDC() const { return fNegTDC; }
57 Double_t postof, Double_t negtof,
58 Double_t timeave) {
61 fScinCorrectedTime = timeave;
63 }
65 fTwoGoodTimes = flag;
66 }
67 void SetPaddleCenter(Double_t padcenter) {
68 fPaddleCenter = padcenter;
69 }
71 fPosADC_Peak =adc;
72 }
74 fNegADC_Peak =adc;
75 }
76 void SetPosADCtime( Double_t ptime) {
77 fPosADC_Time =ptime;
78 }
79 void SetNegADCtime( Double_t ptime) {
80 fNegADC_Time =ptime;
81 }
83 fPosADC_CorrTime =ptime;
84 }
86 fNegADC_CorrTime =ptime;
87 }
88 void SetCalcPosition( Double_t calcpos) {
89 fCalcPosition =calcpos;
90 }
92 static const Double_t kBig;
96 Double_t fPosADC_Ped; // Pedestal subtracted ADC
97 Double_t fNegADC_Ped; // Pedestal subtracted ADC
98 Double_t fPosADC_Peak; // ADC peak amplitude
99 Double_t fNegADC_Peak; // ADC peak amplitude
104 Double_t fCalcPosition; // Position along paddle calculated by time diff
107 Double_t fPosCorrectedTime; // Pulse height corrected time
108 Double_t fNegCorrectedTime; // Pulse height corrected time
109 Double_t fScinCorrectedTime; // Time average corrected for position
110 // based on ADCs.
111 Double_t fPosTOFCorrectedTime; // Times corrected for z position
112 Double_t fNegTOFCorrectedTime; // using nominal beta
118 THcScintillatorPlane* fPlane; // Pointer to parent scintillator plane
125 ClassDef(THcHodoHit,0) // Drift Chamber Hit
int Int_t
bool Bool_t
const Bool_t kFALSE
double Double_t
const Bool_t kTRUE
#define ClassDef(name, id)
string::size_type pos
Class representing a single hit for the Hodoscopes.
Definition THcHodoHit.h:16
Int_t fPosTDC
Definition THcHodoHit.h:94
Double_t GetNegADCtime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:36
THcHodoHit & operator=(const THcHodoHit &)
Double_t fNegADC_Time
Definition THcHodoHit.h:101
Double_t GetPosADCpeak() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:33
Bool_t fHasCorrectedTimes
Definition THcHodoHit.h:114
Int_t fPaddleNumber
Definition THcHodoHit.h:105
static const Double_t kBig
Definition THcHodoHit.h:92
Double_t GetPosADCtime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:35
Double_t GetNegADCCorrtime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:38
virtual ~THcHodoHit()
Definition THcHodoHit.h:26
Int_t GetNegTDC() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:41
Double_t GetPosADC() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:31
Double_t fPosTOFCorrectedTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:111
Double_t fPaddleCenter
Definition THcHodoHit.h:116
THcHodoHit(const THcHodoHit &)
void SetPosADCCorrtime(Double_t ptime)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:82
Double_t GetPosTOFCorrectedTime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:44
Double_t GetNegTOFCorrectedTime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:45
void SetPosADCpeak(Double_t adc)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:70
Double_t GetPosADCCorrtime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:37
Double_t GetPosCorrectedTime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:42
THcHodoHit(Int_t postdc, Int_t negtdc, Double_t posadc, Double_t negadc, Int_t ipad, THcScintillatorPlane *sp)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:20
void SetCorrectedTimes(Double_t pos, Double_t neg, Double_t postof, Double_t negtof, Double_t timeave)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:56
Double_t GetPaddleCenter() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:50
Double_t GetNegADC() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:32
Bool_t IsSortable() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:28
Double_t fNegTOFCorrectedTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:112
Double_t fPosADC_CorrTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:102
Double_t GetCalcPosition() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:39
Double_t fPosADC_Peak
Definition THcHodoHit.h:98
Bool_t GetTwoGoodTimes() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:47
Double_t GetNegCorrectedTime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:43
Int_t GetPosTDC() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:40
Double_t fNegCorrectedTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:108
Double_t fScinCorrectedTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:109
Double_t fPosADC_Time
Definition THcHodoHit.h:100
Double_t fCalcPosition
Definition THcHodoHit.h:104
Int_t GetPaddleNumber() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:49
void SetPosADCtime(Double_t ptime)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:76
Double_t fPosADC_Ped
Definition THcHodoHit.h:96
void SetNegADCCorrtime(Double_t ptime)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:85
Double_t fNegADC_Ped
Definition THcHodoHit.h:97
Bool_t GetHasCorrectedTimes() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:48
void SetNegADCpeak(Double_t adc)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:73
void SetTwoGoodTimes(Bool_t flag)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:64
void SetPaddleCenter(Double_t padcenter)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:67
void SetNegADCtime(Double_t ptime)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:79
void SetCorrectedTimes(Double_t pos, Double_t neg)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:52
Double_t fNegADC_Peak
Definition THcHodoHit.h:99
Double_t GetNegADCpeak() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:34
THcScintillatorPlane * fPlane
Definition THcHodoHit.h:118
Double_t fPosCorrectedTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:107
void SetCalcPosition(Double_t calcpos)
Definition THcHodoHit.h:88
Bool_t fTwoGoodTimes
Definition THcHodoHit.h:115
Int_t fNegTDC
Definition THcHodoHit.h:95
Double_t fNegADC_CorrTime
Definition THcHodoHit.h:103
Double_t GetScinCorrectedTime() const
Definition THcHodoHit.h:46
A single plane of scintillators.