Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
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1 #ifndef ROOT_THcRawDCHit
2 #define ROOT_THcRawDCHit
4 #include "THcRawHit.h"
5 #include "THcRawTdcHit.h"
8 class THcRawDCHit : public THcRawHit {
9  friend class THcDriftChamberPlane;
10  friend class THcDC;
12  public:
13  THcRawDCHit(Int_t plane=0, Int_t counter=0);
14  THcRawDCHit& operator=(const THcRawDCHit& right);
15  virtual ~THcRawDCHit();
17  virtual void Clear(Option_t* opt="");
19  virtual void SetData(Int_t signal, Int_t data);
20  virtual void SetReference(Int_t signal, Int_t reference);
21  virtual void SetReferenceDiff(Int_t signal, Int_t reference);
23  virtual Int_t GetData(Int_t signal);
24  virtual Int_t GetRawData(Int_t signal);
25  virtual Int_t GetReference(Int_t signal);
26  virtual Int_t GetReferenceDiff(Int_t signal);
27  virtual ESignalType GetSignalType(Int_t signal);
28  virtual Int_t GetNSignals();
30  virtual Bool_t HasReference(Int_t signal);
34  protected:
35  static const Int_t fNTdcSignals = 1;
39  private:
40  ClassDef(THcRawDCHit, 0); // Raw Drift Chamber hit
41 };
43 #endif
THcRawDCHit(Int_t plane=0, Int_t counter=0)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:13
const char Option_t
virtual Int_t GetReferenceDiff(Int_t signal)
virtual Int_t GetNSignals()
ClassDef(THcRawDCHit, 0)
Class for a a single Hall C horizontal drift chamber plane.
THcRawTdcHit & GetRawTdcHit()
virtual void SetReferenceDiff(Int_t signal, Int_t reference)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:62
int Int_t
bool Bool_t
Class representing a single raw TDC hit.
Definition: THcRawTdcHit.h:7
Analyze a package of horizontal drift chambers.
Definition: THcDC.h:23
virtual void Clear(Option_t *opt="")
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:32
virtual void SetReference(Int_t signal, Int_t reference)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:51
static const Int_t fNTdcSignals
Definition: THcRawDCHit.h:35
THcRawTdcHit fTdcHit
Definition: THcRawDCHit.h:37
virtual Bool_t HasReference(Int_t signal)
virtual Int_t GetReference(Int_t signal)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:98
virtual ~THcRawDCHit()
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:29
Base class detector specific raw hit that go into hit lists.
Definition: THcRawHit.h:11
Class representing for drift chamber wire (or other device with a single multihit TDC channel per det...
Definition: THcRawDCHit.h:8
virtual ESignalType GetSignalType(Int_t signal)
virtual Int_t GetRawData(Int_t signal)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:86
virtual void SetData(Int_t signal, Int_t data)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:39
THcRawDCHit & operator=(const THcRawDCHit &right)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:18
virtual Int_t GetData(Int_t signal)
Definition: THcRawDCHit.cxx:74