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Decoder::Scaler9250 Class Reference

Definition at line 15 of file Scaler9250.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Init ()
 Scaler9250 ()
 Scaler9250 (Int_t crate, Int_t slot)
virtual ~Scaler9250 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Decoder::GenScaler
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt="")
void DebugPrint (std::ofstream *file=nullptr) const
virtual Int_t Decode (const UInt_t *evbuffer)
virtual void DoPrint () const
void GenInit ()
 GenScaler (UInt_t crate, UInt_t slot)
 GenScaler ()
virtual UInt_t GetData (UInt_t chan) const
Double_t GetRate (UInt_t chan) const
Double_t GetTimeSincePrev () const
Bool_t IsDecoded () const
virtual Bool_t IsSlot (UInt_t rdata)
void LoadNormScaler (GenScaler *scal)
virtual UInt_t LoadSlot (THaSlotData *sldat, const UInt_t *evbuffer, UInt_t pos, UInt_t len)
virtual UInt_t LoadSlot (THaSlotData *sldat, const UInt_t *evbuffer, const UInt_t *pstop)
virtual void SetBank (Int_t bank)
Int_t SetClock (Double_t deltaT, UInt_t clockchan=0, Double_t clockrate=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Decoder::VmeModule
 VmeModule ()=default
 VmeModule (UInt_t crate, UInt_t slot)
virtual ~VmeModule ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Decoder::Module
Bool_t BlockIsDone () const
UInt_t GetBlockSize () const
virtual UInt_t GetCrate () const
virtual UInt_t GetData (UInt_t, UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetData (UInt_t, UInt_t, UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetData (Decoder::EModuleType, UInt_t, UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetData (Decoder::EModuleType, UInt_t, UInt_t, UInt_t) const
virtual Int_t GetMode () const
virtual UInt_t GetNumChan () const
virtual UInt_t GetNumEvents (Decoder::EModuleType, UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetNumEvents (UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetNumEvents () const
virtual UInt_t GetNumSamples (UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetOpt (UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetOpt (UInt_t, UInt_t) const
virtual UInt_t GetSlot () const
virtual Bool_t HasCapability (Decoder::EModuleType)
virtual void Init (const char *configstr)
Bool_t IsMultiBlockMode () const
virtual Bool_t IsMultiFunction ()
virtual UInt_t LoadNextEvBuffer (THaSlotData *)
 Module (UInt_t crate, UInt_t slot)
 Module ()
virtual void SetDebugFile (std::ofstream *file)
virtual void SetFirmware (Int_t fw)
virtual void SetHeader (UInt_t header, UInt_t mask)
virtual void SetMode (Int_t mode)
virtual void SetSlot (UInt_t crate, UInt_t slot, UInt_t header=0, UInt_t mask=0, Int_t modelnum=0)
virtual ~Module ()=default

Static Private Attributes

static TypeIter_t fgThisType

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Decoder::Module
typedef TypeSet_t::iterator TypeIter_t
typedef std::set< ModuleTypeTypeSet_t
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Decoder::Module
static TypeIter_t DoRegister (const ModuleType &registration_info)
static TypeSet_tfgModuleTypes ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Decoder::GenScaler
Bool_t checkchan (UInt_t chan) const
void LoadRates ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Decoder::Module
static void ParseConfigStr (const char *configstr, const std::vector< ConfigStrReq > &req)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Decoder::GenScaler
UInt_t fClockChan
Double_t fClockRate
std::vector< UInt_tfDataArray
Double_t fDeltaT
Bool_t fFirstTime
Bool_t fHasClock
Bool_t firsttime
Bool_t firstwarn
Bool_t fIsDecoded
UInt_t fNumChanMask
UInt_t fNumChanShift
std::vector< UInt_tfPrevData
std::vector< Double_tfRate
- Protected Attributes inherited from Decoder::Module
UInt_t block_size
Int_t fBank
Bool_t fBlockIsDone
UInt_t fCrate
std::vector< UInt_tfData
Int_t fDebug
std::ofstream * fDebugFile
Int_t fFirmwareVers
UInt_t fHeader
UInt_t fHeaderMask
Int_t fMode
Int_t fModelNum
Bool_t fMultiBlockMode
UInt_t fNumChan
UInt_t fSlot
UInt_t fWdcntMask
UInt_t fWdcntShift
UInt_t fWordsExpect
UInt_t fWordsSeen
Bool_t IsInit
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Decoder::GenScaler
static const UInt_t fgNumChanDefault

#include <Scaler9250.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Decoder::Scaler9250::Scaler9250 ( )

Definition at line 19 of file Scaler9250.h.

Scaler9250::Scaler9250 ( Int_t  crate,
Int_t  slot 

Definition at line 19 of file Scaler9250.cxx.

Scaler9250::~Scaler9250 ( )

Definition at line 23 of file Scaler9250.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void Scaler9250::Init ( void  )

Reimplemented from Decoder::Module.

Definition at line 26 of file Scaler9250.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

Module::TypeIter_t Scaler9250::fgThisType
Initial value:
DoRegister( ModuleType( "Decoder::Scaler9250" , 9250 ))

Definition at line 27 of file Scaler9250.h.

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