Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
THcAnalyzer Class Reference

Hall C analyzer class.

Adds the following to the Hall A analyzer base class.

  1. PrintReport method to make text reports from template files
  2. Retrieve run number and startind and ending event from parameter DB
S. A. Wood, 13-March-2012

Definition at line 12 of file THcAnalyzer.h.

Public Member Functions

void PrintReport (const char *templatefile, const char *ofile)
void SetPedestalEvtype (Int_t evtype)
 THcAnalyzer ()
virtual ~THcAnalyzer ()

Protected Attributes

Int_t fPedestalEvtype

Private Member Functions

void LoadInfo ()

#include <THcAnalyzer.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THcAnalyzer::THcAnalyzer ( )

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THcAnalyzer::~THcAnalyzer ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void THcAnalyzer::LoadInfo ( )

Create several THcParms variables in gHcParms containing run information such as

gen_run_number - Current run gen_run_starting_event - Id of first event analyzed gen_event_id_number - Id of last event analyzed

Definition at line 134 of file THcAnalyzer.cxx.

void THcAnalyzer::PrintReport ( const char *  templatefile,
const char *  ofile 

Generate "reports" such as end of run scaler/efficiency sheets Reads a template file, copying that file to the output, replacing variables and expressions inside of braces ({}) with evaluated values. Similar but not identical to ENGINE/CTP report templates.

Definition at line 53 of file THcAnalyzer.cxx.

void THcAnalyzer::SetPedestalEvtype ( Int_t  evtype)

Definition at line 19 of file THcAnalyzer.h.

Member Data Documentation

Int_t THcAnalyzer::fPedestalEvtype

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