Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
THcHitList Class Reference

Builds a Hall C ENGINE style list of raw hits from raw data.

Detectors that use hit lists need to inherit from this class as well as THaTrackingDetector or THaNonTrackingDetector

Definition at line 27 of file THcHitList.h.


struct  RefIndexMap

Public Member Functions

void CreateMissReportParms (const char *prefix)
virtual Int_t DecodeToHitList (const THaEvData &evdata, Bool_t suppress=kFALSE)
 Populate the hitlist from the raw event data. More...
void DisableSlipCorrection ()
TClonesArrayGetHitList () const
void InitHitList (THaDetMap *detmap, const char *hitclass, Int_t maxhits, Int_t tdcref_cut=0, Int_t adcref_cut=0)
 Save the electronics module to detector mapping and initialize a hit array of hits of class hitclass. More...
void MissReport (const char *name)
 THcHitList ()
virtual ~THcHitList ()

Public Attributes

Bool_t fADC_RefTimeBest
Int_t fADC_RefTimeCut
THaDetMap * fdMap
Int_t fNMaxRawHits
UInt_t fNRawHits
Bool_t fTDC_RefTimeBest
Int_t fTDC_RefTimeCut

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (THcHitList, 0)

Protected Attributes

Double_t fDisableSlipCorrection
std::map< Int_t, Decoder::Fadc250Module * > fFADCSlotMap
Bool_t fHaveFADCInfo
Int_t fNADCRef_miss
Int_t fNPED
Int_t fNRefIndex
Int_t fNSA
Int_t fNSB
UInt_t fNSignals
Int_t fNTDCRef_miss
std::vector< RefIndexMapfRefIndexMaps
Int_t fTICrate
Int_t fTISlot
std::map< Int_t, Int_tfTrigTimeShiftMap

#include <THcHitList.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THcHitList::~THcHitList ( )


Definition at line 34 of file THcHitList.cxx.

THcHitList::THcHitList ( )

Normal constructor.

Definition at line 24 of file THcHitList.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

THcHitList::ClassDef ( THcHitList  ,
void THcHitList::CreateMissReportParms ( const char *  prefix)

Create parameters to hold missing reference time statistics

Parameters created are ${prefix}_tdcref_miss and ${prefix}_adcref_miss

Definition at line 544 of file THcHitList.cxx.

Int_t THcHitList::DecodeToHitList ( const THaEvData evdata,
Bool_t  suppresswarnings = kFALSE 

Populate the hitlist from the raw event data.

Clears the hit list then, finds all populated channels belonging to the detector and add sort it into the hitlist. A given counter in the detector can have at most one entry in the hit list. However, the raw "hit" can contain multiple signal types (e.g. ADC+, ADC-, TDC+, TDC-), or multiplehits for multihit tdcs. The hit list is sorted (by plane, counter) after filling.

Definition at line 191 of file THcHitList.cxx.

void THcHitList::DisableSlipCorrection ( )

Definition at line 43 of file THcHitList.h.

TClonesArray* THcHitList::GetHitList ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file THcHitList.h.

void THcHitList::InitHitList ( THaDetMap *  detmap,
const char *  hitclass,
Int_t  maxhits,
Int_t  tdcref_cut = 0,
Int_t  adcref_cut = 0 

Save the electronics module to detector mapping and initialize a hit array of hits of class hitclass.

If tdcref_cut (adcref_cut) is negative, take the largest time as the reference time (adc time) even if it is not bigger than the cut.

[in]detmapElectronics mapping made by THcDetectorMap::FillMap
[in]hitclassName of hit class used by this detector
[in]maxhitsMaximum number of hits for this detector
[in]tdcref_cutTake first TDC reference time bigger than abs(tdcref_cut)
[in]adcref_cutTake first ADC reference time bigger than abs(tdcref_cut)

Definition at line 65 of file THcHitList.cxx.

void THcHitList::MissReport ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 557 of file THcHitList.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t THcHitList::fADC_RefTimeBest

Definition at line 50 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fADC_RefTimeCut

Definition at line 48 of file THcHitList.h.

Double_t THcHitList::fDisableSlipCorrection

Definition at line 87 of file THcHitList.h.

THaDetMap* THcHitList::fdMap

Definition at line 54 of file THcHitList.h.

std::map<Int_t, Decoder::Fadc250Module*> THcHitList::fFADCSlotMap

Definition at line 89 of file THcHitList.h.

Bool_t THcHitList::fHaveFADCInfo

Definition at line 76 of file THcHitList.h.

Decoder::THaCrateMap* THcHitList::fMap

Definition at line 84 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNADCRef_miss

Definition at line 82 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNMaxRawHits

Definition at line 46 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNPED

Definition at line 79 of file THcHitList.h.

UInt_t THcHitList::fNRawHits

Definition at line 45 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNRefIndex

Definition at line 71 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNSA

Definition at line 77 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNSB

Definition at line 78 of file THcHitList.h.

UInt_t THcHitList::fNSignals

Definition at line 72 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fNTDCRef_miss

Definition at line 81 of file THcHitList.h.

THcConfigEvtHandler* THcHitList::fPSE125

Definition at line 75 of file THcHitList.h.

TClass* THcHitList::fRawHitClass

Definition at line 52 of file THcHitList.h.

TClonesArray* THcHitList::fRawHitList

Definition at line 51 of file THcHitList.h.

std::vector<RefIndexMap> THcHitList::fRefIndexMaps

Definition at line 67 of file THcHitList.h.

THcRawHit::ESignalType* THcHitList::fSignalTypes

Definition at line 73 of file THcHitList.h.

Bool_t THcHitList::fTDC_RefTimeBest

Definition at line 49 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fTDC_RefTimeCut

Definition at line 47 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fTICrate

Definition at line 86 of file THcHitList.h.

Int_t THcHitList::fTISlot

Definition at line 85 of file THcHitList.h.

std::map<Int_t, Int_t> THcHitList::fTrigTimeShiftMap

Definition at line 88 of file THcHitList.h.

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