Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
THcRun Class Reference

Description of a CODA run on disk with Hall C parameter DB.

S. A. Wood, 31-October-2017

Definition at line 13 of file THcRun.h.

Public Member Functions

THcParmListGetHCParms () const
THcRunoperator= (const THaRunBase &rhs)
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
 THcRun (const char *filename="", const char *description="")
 THcRun (const THcRun &run)
 THcRun (const std::vector< TString > &pathList, const char *filename, const char *description="")
virtual ~THcRun ()

Private Member Functions

 ClassDef (THcRun, 0)

Private Attributes


#include <THcRun.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THcRun::THcRun ( const char *  filename = "",
const char *  description = "" 

Definition at line 16 of file THcRun.cxx.

THcRun::THcRun ( const THcRun run)

Definition at line 25 of file THcRun.cxx.

THcRun::THcRun ( const std::vector< TString > &  pathList,
const char *  filename,
const char *  description = "" 

Definition at line 34 of file THcRun.cxx.

THcRun::~THcRun ( )

Definition at line 55 of file THcRun.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

THcRun::ClassDef ( THcRun  ,
THcParmList* THcRun::GetHCParms ( ) const

Definition at line 23 of file THcRun.h.

THcRun & THcRun::operator= ( const THaRunBase &  rhs)

Definition at line 43 of file THcRun.cxx.

void THcRun::Print ( Option_t opt = "") const

Definition at line 62 of file THcRun.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

THcParmList* THcRun::fHcParms

Definition at line 26 of file THcRun.h.

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