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MultiFileRun.h File Reference
#include "THaRun.h"
#include "THaCodaData.h"
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include <functional>
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struct  Podd::MultiFileRun::FileInfo
class  Podd::MultiFileRun
struct  Podd::MultiFileRun::StreamInfo


namespace  Podd


Int_t Close ()
Int_t FetchEventNumber ()
 FileInfo ()
 FileInfo (std::string path, std::string stem, Int_t seg)
const UInt_tGetEvBuffer () const
const std::string & GetFilename () const
Bool_t IsGood () const
Int_t Open ()
Int_t OpenCurrent ()
 Stream has not yet reached EOF.
bool operator< (const FileInfo &rhs) const
bool operator< (const StreamInfo &rhs) const
StreamInfooperator= (const StreamInfo &rhs)
bool operator== (const StreamInfo &rhs) const
Int_t Read ()
 StreamInfo ()
 StreamInfo (const StreamInfo &rhs)
 StreamInfo (Int_t id)


Bool_t fActive
 Number of most recent physics event.
std::unique_ptr< Decoder::THaCodaDatafCodaData
UInt_t fEvNum
 Index of currently open file.
Int_t fFileIndex
std::vector< FileInfofFiles
 Coda data (file)
Int_t fID
std::string fPath
Int_t fSegment
std::string fStem
Int_t fVersion

Function Documentation

◆ Close()

Int_t __attribute__::Close ( )

◆ FetchEventNumber()

Int_t __attribute__::FetchEventNumber ( )

◆ FileInfo() [1/2]

__attribute__::FileInfo ( )

Definition at line 0 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ FileInfo() [2/2]

__attribute__::FileInfo ( std::string  path,
std::string  stem,
Int_t  seg 

◆ GetEvBuffer()

const UInt_t * __attribute__::GetEvBuffer ( ) const

◆ GetFilename()

const std::string & __attribute__::GetFilename ( ) const

◆ IsGood()

Bool_t __attribute__::IsGood ( ) const

◆ Open()

Int_t __attribute__::Open ( )

◆ OpenCurrent()

Int_t __attribute__::OpenCurrent ( )

Stream has not yet reached EOF.

◆ operator<() [1/2]

bool __attribute__::operator< ( const FileInfo rhs) const

Definition at line 2 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ operator<() [2/2]

bool __attribute__::operator< ( const StreamInfo rhs) const

Definition at line 7 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ operator=()

StreamInfo & __attribute__::operator= ( const StreamInfo rhs)

◆ operator==()

bool __attribute__::operator== ( const StreamInfo rhs) const

Definition at line 4 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ Read()

Int_t __attribute__::Read ( )

◆ StreamInfo() [1/3]

__attribute__::StreamInfo ( )

◆ StreamInfo() [2/3]

__attribute__::StreamInfo ( const StreamInfo &  rhs)

◆ StreamInfo() [3/3]

__attribute__::StreamInfo ( Int_t  id)

Variable Documentation

◆ fActive

Bool_t fActive

Number of most recent physics event.

Definition at line 24 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fCodaData

std::unique_ptr<Decoder::THaCodaData> fCodaData

Definition at line 18 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fEvNum

UInt_t fEvNum

Index of currently open file.

Definition at line 23 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fFileIndex

Int_t fFileIndex

Definition at line 22 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fFiles

std::vector<FileInfo> fFiles

Coda data (file)

Definition at line 19 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fID

Int_t fID

Definition at line 20 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fPath

std::string fPath

Definition at line 5 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fSegment

Int_t fSegment

Definition at line 7 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fStem

std::string fStem

Definition at line 6 of file MultiFileRun.h.

◆ fVersion

Int_t fVersion

Definition at line 21 of file MultiFileRun.h.