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Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t Class Reference

Definition at line 106 of file THaCrateMap.h.

Public Member Functions

 CrateInfo_t ()
Int_t ParseSlotInfo (THaCrateMap *crmap, UInt_t crate, std::string &line)

Public Attributes

bool all_banks
bool bank_structure
ECrateCode crate_code
std::string crate_type_name
bool crate_used
std::string scalerloc
std::array< SlotInfo_t, MAXSLOTsltdat
std::vector< UInt_tused_slots

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CrateInfo_t()

Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::CrateInfo_t ( )

Definition at line 568 of file THaCrateMap.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ParseSlotInfo()

Int_t Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::ParseSlotInfo ( THaCrateMap crmap,
UInt_t  crate,
std::string &  line 

Definition at line 399 of file THaCrateMap.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ all_banks

bool Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::all_banks

Definition at line 115 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ bank_structure

bool Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::bank_structure

Definition at line 114 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ crate_code

ECrateCode Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::crate_code

Definition at line 110 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ crate_type_name

std::string Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::crate_type_name

Definition at line 111 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ crate_used

bool Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::crate_used

Definition at line 113 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ scalerloc

std::string Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::scalerloc

Definition at line 112 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ sltdat

std::array<SlotInfo_t, MAXSLOT> Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::sltdat

Definition at line 117 of file THaCrateMap.h.

◆ used_slots

std::vector<UInt_t> Decoder::THaCrateMap::CrateInfo_t::used_slots

Definition at line 116 of file THaCrateMap.h.

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