Analyzing the Yerevan Test Stand Data

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A very simple analysis code is available. It is based on EVIO 4.4 and ROOT.

Login to hcdaq2 as the user "coda". Ask Bob Michaels for the password.

The current analysis directory is /home/coda/ana1

You may feel free to edit this code or make a copy. I have backups.

There is a README file there which explains everything. Here is a snapshot of the current version of the README as of July 17, 2022

Simple Analyzer
based on ROOT and EVIO version 4

Bob Michaels, July 2022

This code reads a CODA file, unpack the ROCs and unpack the banks,
then pick out my data and fills some histograms.

An example of how to run:

   To run like this on run number 204 for 20000 events
     ./newrun 204 20000

   And yes, you need the dot (.) and the slash (/) before "newrun"

   Actually the code is very fast so you can probably leave
   off the 2nd argument (20000).

   The root file is ana_204.root with histograms in it.

    main analysis code.  It's what you mostly have to look at.
    The executible is "xana".  See also "newrun".

    to compile, type "make"

    frontend script to run the executible.


Some more details about the Yerevan setup.
It reads a single V792 ADC in roc4 in bank4.
The code has
Int_t myroc=4;  // Yerevan DAQ
Int_t mybank=4;  // ADC in Yerevan DAQ

The channels analyzed are the first 8, this is
controlled with ichanlo and ichanhi

Looking into the root file for run 20 the raw and
pedestal-subtracted ADC data for channel 8,
and the summed ADC data are available.
Please feel free to change this.

root ana_20.root

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