Big Screen / Wall TVs

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Big Screen / Wall TVs

  • The left-most two (smaller) screens are controlled by a computer cvideo2 under the desk below them.
  • The right 2x2 group of larger screens are controlled by a different computer cvideo3, also under the desk below that group.

Access/Control those desktops

Each controlling computer (cvideo2, cvideo3) has its mouse and keyboard tucked away at the back of the desk under the screen group.

  • The mouse/keyboard should be labeled.

You can also control the screens remotely with these commands from any computer:

  • go_wall_accel for the left pair
  • go_wall for the 2x2 group on the right.


Top-right TV image goes away

The top-right TV image sometimes loses sync. It isn't the cable, an active HDMI repeater helps, but doesn't solve the problem 100%. Argh.

  • What seems to work:
  1. Open the second door panel under the desk (counting from the right corner) by pushing on the lock. You should hear a loud CLICK! Give the lock a sharp rap if the latch doesn't pop open. It is not locked, but it does stick sometimes.
  2. Swing the door open and unplug the white HDMI cable from the cvideo3 computer (labeled)
  3. Plug the HDMI cable back in.
  4. Power cycle the television using the remote or the hardware button if needed.
  5. Cycle through the inputs until the desktop appears (if needed). Give the TV a second to sync after you switch inputs.

Power/Remote TV Control

There is one standard TV remote in the CH that is used to control all the screens. (I have other spare remotes, but they are not TV specific.)

It works best if you hold the remote right near the receiver on the TV you want to operate (usually bottom-middle, just under the TV bezel).

  • Do this for each TV individually.
  • If you step back and use the remote, multiple TVs will likely respond to the signal.