F2/XEM Mar 7, 2018 9:00am

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Fernando - Looking into why calibrations are identical when runs are replayed with different parameter files.

Abishek - Successfuly modified drift chamber calibration code to read drift time histograms per card to try to improve fitting procedure. Next step is to get T0 for the cards. Slope of drift time and histogram shoulder are a concern. Eric suggests holding off on per card calibration and to focus on understand these features -- otherwise, fits will always be difficult.

Eric - Sanity check of "unicorn" drift time plot. Hallc replay output and by-hand historgram binning outputs agree, but calibration code has a spike -- may be initialization issue in the calibration code. Need to write new code -- to be undertaken by Abishek and Eric.

Abel - Made new cut on bcm's of >5uA on charge normalized yield plots. SHMS plots of charge normalized yields are pending.

Simona - Time of flight calibration was carried out to address double peak structure in DiffTime historgarm. Defocused run was used to avoid events on edge paddles.