Hall C BCM Temperatures

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Hall C BCM Temperature Readbacks

3H04 BCM Temp
3H05 BCM/Unser Temp
  • These are in the Alarm Handler and will fire if they drift too far away from the nominal 110.0
    • EPICS PVs: "IBC3H04:bcmtctemp_r", and "IBC3H05:bcmtctemp_r"

Manual Readback on 3H04 BCM Temp Controller

This is located in the experimental Hall. It is in Rack HC01Z01 (bottom of rack behind green wall nearest the Labyrinth door).

There is a camera 'BCM Temp (3H04)' that allows for a visual of its front panel from the Counting House computers. Run 'go_cameras' on a Hall C machine and scroll to the bottom of the camera list.

Manual Readback on 3H05 BCM (Unser) Temp Controller

This is located at the top of rack HC03B11 in the Counting House electronics room. You have to walk there.