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  • Appears to have been used to communicate with old SY403 crates during Qweak.
  • Likely not connected to anything anymore...

  • Was not able to telnet/ssh in initially. Web did work.
    • Seems to be a lot of open connections from cnicron.jlab.org. ( CNI security scans?
    • This seems to be DOSing additional telnet and ssh connections...


PortServer TS 4 MEI

Model:         PortServer TS 4 MEI
Firmware:      Version 82000747_W 10/23/2013
MAC Address:   00:40:9D:7A:27:EF
DHCP:          Off
IP Address:


 1 : unknown
 2 : unknown
 3 : unknown
 4 : unknown

Detailed Information on Individual Ports

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