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April 5th 2012

  • shms/hut.inc To match updated detector position table modify the following: parameter (hscin_1y_top = -45.), parameter (hscin_1y_bot = 45.), parameter (hscin_2y_top = -57.5), parameter (hscin_2y_bot = 57.5), parameter (hcer_top = -55.00), parameter (hcer_bottom = 55.00)
  • shms/mc_shms_hut.f Fixed bug that was leftover from a test by Mark Jones. When using the helium bag had hardwired "ms_flag = .true." before helium bag section of code and the ms_flag = .false. afterwards so that mark could study the multiple scattering in helium bag by itself. Removed these statements.

Mar 14 2012

Major changes for SHMS subroutines.

Nov 21 2011

Update radc.f : In subroutine lambda_dave, correct the formula for the proton lambda calculation to agree with formula 59 in PRC 64 054610. Previously, the calculation was missing the factor e3/p3.

June 29 2011

Updated event.f : When upgrading SIMC for gfortran in June 2009 calls to trip_thru_target for the scattered electron and hadron were moved from the end of the complete_ev subroutine to the end of the generate subroutine. The reason for the calls to trip_thru_target at end of the complete_ev subroutine is that the call to radc_init_ev at the very end of the complete_ev needs information calculated by trip_thru_target. So moving these calls was a mistake. In effect, the radc_init_ev was using info calculated for the previous event.