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Minutes of SHMS MC working group meeting 10/18/2011

Participants: Mark, John, Dave and Dipangkar

1. Work on validating the apertures of the dipole has been completed, but Mark found that one more aperture needs to be added to make snake and COSY consistent with each other. That new aperture at the point where the dipole entrance flares and dips down is obviously needed.

2. Mark compared COSY and Snake models and found them to be consistent (with the most up to date validated MC). With this new MC he finds a acceptance of ~ 3.9 msr. Mark also showed that delta vs yptar would be more symmetric (without gaining any solid angle) if the dipole vertical offset is changed from 20 cm to 26 cm. We also decided to check out the 29 cm offset, which would make the construction of the dipole entrance simpler. Once the Snake model is completed, we will modify COSY to either 26 or 29 cm offset based on which is better.

3. The beam envelopes at DC1 and DC2 were compared with results from previous versions of the MC and were found to be consistent, although the new plots can be misleading because of the plotting resolutions. These plots will be replaced with better plots.