Pass 1 Checklist

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  1. Timing cuts are not implemented. These are low level and probably not affecting us too much, but there are scripts now that exist to find and set these cuts. (Deepak)
  2. The charge yield in the Report Files is different. This makes it hard to verify what was recorded. (Deepak)
  3. Tracking efficiencies are different than what was recorded during online analysis. Are these correct? If so, we should update and use these. Particularly important where we have 0.7-0.8 tracking efficiency in SHMS, now showing 0.9-0.95. (John)
  4. Optics: offsets to central P might still need some work (both HMS and SHMS). Possible inclusion of angle offset or change to mis-pointing is required. (Holly)
  5. SIMC: Subtle differences in the normalizations, etc. Needs to be studied, understood. (Holly)
  6. Efficiencies: should be weight by the distributions and include the full acceptance used and cuts. (John)
  7. Verify we use the right DBASE and PARAM for our experiment (everyone)
  8. Run-dependent timing offsets (Latif)
  9. Proton absorption (John)