Pol He3 Field Mapping Data

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Field mapping data

  • Copies of all data and analysis should be in our group directory here
  • See analysis logbooks for ongoing work:

October 2019

  • Field mapping data (Oct 2019)
    • /group/c-polhe3/Target-field-compass-measurements/field-mapping-Oct2019-jixie/
    • Raw data is here /group/c-polhe3/Target-field-compass-measurements/field-mapping-Oct2019-jixie/
      • check this file /group/c-polhe3/Target-field-compass-measurements/field-mapping-Oct2019-jixie/readme.txt to find out what are there.
  • Compass mapping data and analysis (Oct 2019)

March 2020

July 2020

September 2020

Detailed Reports