RC Meeting and Runplan, Tuesday, Sept 25

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  • Runplan
1. Get beam into Hall with reasonable beam spot size, big BPM calibration, ion chamber calibration. 
2. SHMS deflection test (approximately 2.5-6 hours, 10-20 uA). Call experts for step 4 when ramping Q3.  
3. Check beam spot with harps, beam on yag with and without raster, carbon hole (5 uA)
4. Detector and trigger checkout (see run plan and detailed slides here: [1]). Calibration runs request 50 uA, 65 uA, and 20 uA (we will be capped tonight).
  • Accesses
    • Dave Meekins needs short access tomorrow morning to begin condensing the target (probably around 8am-ish)
    • Jerry needs something from the hall and will coordinate with radcon
    • Steve Lassiter is also going to take a look at the SHMS encoder
    • Note: Hall A is planning a pass change for Thursday- there will be a few hours of no beam during that time.