RC Update and Run Plan for Aug 13, 2020

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RC Meeting Information

RC Daily Meetings are at 4:15 PM, remote

Wednesday Aug 13 2020.

General updates

  • Spectral waveform peak oscillation noted during owl shift oscillation
  • Ethan found one of the rotation stage drives had locked up and was continuously turning QWP_driver
  • Mingyu check the pulse NMR during an access Pulse_NMR
  • I found the power strip the QWP rotation stage camera/light was turned off on the platform. Turned on and can view that camera now [1]
  • The HMS was to -4.2 GeV/c @ 13.50. There were some issues with the Drive Controllers. They needed to be reset by Joe in the Hall

Drive_Controllers HMS angle

  • HMS momentum was set to -4.2 Gev/c


Pending problem

  • Beam trip rate

Recent polarization measurements

Current Run Plan

Normal Production running

  • Prerequisites
    • Make sure the raster size is correct (4-4.5)
    • Monitor beam parameters/configuration very often and post an entry like this at the beginning of your shift and when run conditions have changed
    • Running on cell targets: raster always ON (4-4.5, size will be determined by the scraping checks), orbit locks ON, current ramp rate 1 muA/sec
    • Always take 120Hz of EDTM
    • Fill the BTA with realistic numbers. If the desired beam current is not delivered prorate your ABUs!
    • Change the IHWP every 4 hours when running on glass cells
  • Run plan
    • Since we have been down since 9 am, we likely want to start back with the Beam / Raster checkout (short procedure)
    • Production on 3He; if not able to reach requested current, pro-rate the ABUs

Notes for tomorrow's 7:45 meeting


  • We are on the schedule to switch to 1st pass on the week of Aug 24 (Monday/ Tuesday). Need about ~ 3 days at 1st pass and would like to switch back to 5th pass before the weekend.
  • EPR diode good for now, but check for future planned accesses.
  • If Hall will have opening for 1+ hours, let Simona know as there is work to do on the cerenkov.

Hall Access

When there is a down: