RC meeting and Run Plan, Monday Oct. 15

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Issues: Resolved

Issues: Requiring attention


  • SHMS at small angle
    • (Might) need new limits on diffusor ion chamber if we run above >=50uA (Jay Benesh confirmed might be the case), more info here.
    • Be wary of DC trips!
      • Added during RC meeting and Run Plan, Friday Oct. 12
      • During luminosity scan, SHMS DCs might trip at higher currents (1MHz+ singles rate)
      • If we can really reach high current --> be ready to disable SHMS DCs when rates get too high (still want HMS data at those currents).

Activities during RF Recovery

  • Controlled access tentatively at first opportunity after 9:00am
    • Brad: Install NDX detector in SHMS hut (<1hour)
    • Andy: Replace motor for HMS dipole JT-4 (<10min)
    • Anything else pressing?

Request (non-urgent)

  • Hall D needs opportunistic 1shift of HallC down for beam studies, not pressing right now (needs to be done before end-of-run)
    • Told them this might be possible when swapping out aerogel trays for the next experiment.
    • Next RC is aware.

Plans - Physics

  • Conduct for 1-2 shifts for luminosity scan starting this swing shift
    • Tentative run plan
    • Ryan agreed to help as third during swing, and Richard will help as third during owl if needed
  • Expect another downtime tomorrow during day for RF recovery
  • Run 2-3 more shifts with Q2=5.5. W=3.02 x=0.40 theta_Shms=6.49 (real shifts, excluding scheduled downtime)
    • Currently collected 23% of statistics + Al data in 3 shifts
    • Switch sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday to the next point