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Read scalers using xscaler GUI

  • Login as cdaq to cdaql1
    • To see HMS scalers type: go_xscaler_hms
    • To see SHMS scalers type: go_xscaler_shms
  • The file, located in ~/SCALERS, is used to map the names to the scaler crate, slot and chan.

Hardware Configuration

  • HMS scalers are a VME crate. The cpu is hcvme05.
  • SHMS scalers are a VME crate. The cpu is hcvme08.

Scaler Software

Scaler Server

  • To directly read the scalers
    • login is as cdaq on cdaql1
      • execute: getscalers hcvme05 for HMS
      • execute: getscalers hcvme08 for SHMS
    • There is an option to clear the scalers, put please do not do this in the middle of the run!

Analysis Software