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THcTrigDet Class Reference

A mock detector to hold trigger related data. More...

#include <THcTrigDet.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AddEvtType (int evtype)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt="")
 Clears variables before next event.
Int_t Decode (const THaEvData &evData)
 Decodes and processes events.
Int_t End (THaRunBase *run)
Double_t Get_CT_Trigtime (Int_t ii)
Double_t Get_RF_TrigTime (Int_t ii)
virtual Bool_t HaveIgnoreList () const
virtual EStatus Init (const TDatime &date)
 Initializes the detector variables.
virtual Bool_t IsIgnoreType (Int_t evtype) const
virtual void SetEvtType (int evtype)
virtual void SetSpectName (const char *name)
 THcTrigDet (const char *name, const char *description="", THaApparatus *app=NULL)
 A constructor.
 ~THcTrigDet ()
 A destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from THaDetector
THaApparatusGetApparatus () const
virtual void SetApparatus (THaApparatus *)
 THaDetector ()
virtual ~THaDetector ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from THaDetectorBase
TVector3 DetToTrackCoord (const TVector3 &point) const
TVector3 DetToTrackCoord (Double_t x, Double_t y) const
Int_t FillDetMap (const std::vector< Int_t > &values, UInt_t flags=0, const char *here="FillDetMap")
VecDetData_tGetDetectorData ()
THaDetMapGetDetMap () const
Int_t GetNelem () const
Int_t GetNviews () const
const TVector3GetOrigin () const
const Double_tGetSize () const
virtual Int_t GetView (const DigitizerHitInfo_t &hitinfo) const
const TVector3GetXax () const
Double_t GetXSize () const
const TVector3GetYax () const
Double_t GetYSize () const
const TVector3GetZax () const
Double_t GetZSize () const
virtual Bool_t IsInActiveArea (const TVector3 &point) const
virtual Bool_t IsInActiveArea (Double_t x, Double_t y) const
void PrintDetMap (Option_t *opt="") const
virtual void Reset (Option_t *opt="")
 THaDetectorBase ()
TVector3 TrackToDetCoord (const TVector3 &point) const
virtual ~THaDetectorBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from THaAnalysisObject
virtual Int_t Begin (THaRunBase *r=nullptr)
const char * GetClassName () const
const char * GetConfig () const
virtual const char * GetDBFileName () const
Int_t GetDebug () const
TDatime GetInitDate () const
const char * GetPrefix () const
TString GetPrefixName () const
EStatus Init ()
virtual Int_t InitOutput (THaOutput *)
Bool_t IsInit () const
Bool_t IsOK () const
Bool_t IsOKOut () const
virtual FILE * OpenFile (const TDatime &date)
virtual FILE * OpenRunDBFile (const TDatime &date)
THaAnalysisObjectoperator= (const THaAnalysisObject &&)=delete
THaAnalysisObjectoperator= (const THaAnalysisObject &)=delete
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
void SetConfig (const char *label)
virtual void SetDebug (Int_t level)
virtual void SetName (const char *name)
virtual void SetNameTitle (const char *name, const char *title)
EStatus Status () const
 THaAnalysisObject ()
 THaAnalysisObject (const THaAnalysisObject &&)=delete
 THaAnalysisObject (const THaAnalysisObject &)=delete
virtual ~THaAnalysisObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TNamed
void Clear (Option_t *option="") override
TObjectClone (const char *newname="") const override
Int_t Compare (const TObject *obj) const override
void Copy (TObject &named) const override
virtual void FillBuffer (char *&buffer)
const char * GetName () const override
const char * GetTitle () const override
ULong_t Hash () const override
TClassIsA () const override
Bool_t IsSortable () const override
void ls (Option_t *option="") const override
TNamedoperator= (const TNamed &rhs)
void Print (Option_t *option="") const override
virtual void SetTitle (const char *title="")
virtual Int_t Sizeof () const
void Streamer (TBuffer &) override
void StreamerNVirtual (TBuffer &ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
 TNamed ()
 TNamed (const char *name, const char *title)
 TNamed (const TNamed &named)
 TNamed (const TString &name, const TString &title)
virtual ~TNamed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
void AbstractMethod (const char *method) const
virtual void AppendPad (Option_t *option="")
virtual void Browse (TBrowser *b)
ULong_t CheckedHash ()
virtual const char * ClassName () const
virtual void Delete (Option_t *option="")
virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive (Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual void Draw (Option_t *option="")
virtual void DrawClass () const
virtual TObjectDrawClone (Option_t *option="") const
virtual void Dump () const
virtual void Error (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
virtual void Execute (const char *method, const char *params, Int_t *error=nullptr)
virtual void Execute (TMethod *method, TObjArray *params, Int_t *error=nullptr)
virtual void ExecuteEvent (Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual void Fatal (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
virtual TObjectFindObject (const char *name) const
virtual TObjectFindObject (const TObject *obj) const
virtual Option_tGetDrawOption () const
virtual const char * GetIconName () const
virtual char * GetObjectInfo (Int_t px, Int_t py) const
virtual Option_tGetOption () const
virtual UInt_t GetUniqueID () const
virtual Bool_t HandleTimer (TTimer *timer)
Bool_t HasInconsistentHash () const
virtual void Info (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const char *classname) const
virtual Bool_t InheritsFrom (const TClass *cl) const
virtual void Inspect () const
void InvertBit (UInt_t f)
Bool_t IsDestructed () const
virtual Bool_t IsEqual (const TObject *obj) const
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsOnHeap () const
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t IsZombie () const
void MayNotUse (const char *method) const
virtual Bool_t Notify ()
void Obsolete (const char *method, const char *asOfVers, const char *removedFromVers) const
void operator delete (void *ptr)
void operator delete[] (void *ptr)
voidoperator new (size_t sz)
voidoperator new (size_t sz, void *vp)
voidoperator new[] (size_t sz)
voidoperator new[] (size_t sz, void *vp)
TObjectoperator= (const TObject &rhs)
virtual void Paint (Option_t *option="")
virtual void Pop ()
virtual Int_t Read (const char *name)
virtual void RecursiveRemove (TObject *obj)
void ResetBit (UInt_t f)
virtual void SaveAs (const char *filename="", Option_t *option="") const
virtual void SavePrimitive (std::ostream &out, Option_t *option="")
void SetBit (UInt_t f)
void SetBit (UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
virtual void SetDrawOption (Option_t *option="")
virtual void SetUniqueID (UInt_t uid)
void StreamerNVirtual (TBuffer &ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)
virtual void SysError (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t TestBit (UInt_t f) const
Int_t TestBits (UInt_t f) const
 TObject ()
 TObject (const TObject &object)
virtual void UseCurrentStyle ()
virtual void Warning (const char *method, const char *msgfmt,...) const
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=nullptr, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0)
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=nullptr, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const
virtual ~TObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from THcHitList
void CreateMissReportParms (const char *prefix) const
virtual Int_t DecodeToHitList (const THaEvData &evdata, Bool_t suppress=kFALSE)
 Populate the hitlist from the raw event data.
void DisableSlipCorrection ()
TClonesArrayGetHitList () const
void InitHitList (THaDetMap *detmap, const char *hitclass, Int_t maxhits, Int_t tdcref_cut=0, Int_t adcref_cut=0)
 Save the electronics module to detector mapping and initialize a hit array of hits of class hitclass.
void MissReport (const char *name) const
 THcHitList ()
virtual ~THcHitList ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual Int_t DefineVariables (EMode mode=kDefine)
virtual Int_t ReadDatabase (const TDatime &date)
void Setup (const char *name, const char *description)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from THaDetector
virtual void MakePrefix ()
 THaDetector (const char *name, const char *description, THaApparatus *apparatus=nullptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from THaDetectorBase
void DataLoadWarning (const DigitizerHitInfo_t &hitinfo, const char *here)
void DebugWarning (const char *here, const char *msg, UInt_t evnum)
virtual void DefineAxes (Double_t rotation_angle)
virtual OptUInt_t LoadData (const THaEvData &evdata, const DigitizerHitInfo_t &hitinfo)
void MultipleHitWarning (const DigitizerHitInfo_t &hitinfo, const char *here)
virtual void PrintDecodedData (const THaEvData &evdata) const
virtual Int_t ReadGeometry (FILE *file, const TDatime &date, Bool_t required=false)
virtual Int_t StoreHit (const DigitizerHitInfo_t &hitinfo, UInt_t data)
 THaDetectorBase (const char *name, const char *description)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from THaAnalysisObject
virtual const char * ClassNameHere (const char *) const
Int_t DefineVarsFromList (const RVarDef *list, EMode mode, const char *def_prefix="", const char *comment_subst="") const
Int_t DefineVarsFromList (const VarDef *list, EMode mode=kDefine, const char *def_prefix="", const char *comment_subst="") const
Int_t DefineVarsFromList (const void *list, EType type, EMode mode, const char *def_prefix="", const char *comment_subst="") const
virtual void DoError (int level, const char *location, const char *fmt, va_list va) const
THaAnalysisObjectFindModule (const char *name, const char *classname, bool do_error=true)
virtual const char * Here (const char *) const
Int_t LoadDB (FILE *f, const TDatime &date, const DBRequest *req, Int_t search=0) const
void MakePrefix (const char *basename)
virtual Int_t ReadRunDatabase (const TDatime &date)
Int_t RemoveVariables ()
 THaAnalysisObject (const char *name, const char *description)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TObject
void MakeZombie ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from THcHitList
 ClassDef (THcHitList, 0)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Int_teventtypes
Int_t fADC_RefTimeCut
Int_t fAdcMultiplicity [fMaxAdcChannels]
std::vector< std::string > fAdcNames
Double_t fAdcPed [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcPedRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcPulseAmp [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcPulseAmpRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcPulseInt [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcPulseIntRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcPulseTime [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcPulseTimeRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcSampMultiplicity [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcSampPed [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcSampPedRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcSampPulseAmp [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcSampPulseAmpRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcSampPulseInt [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcSampPulseIntRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcSampPulseTime [fMaxAdcChannels]
Int_t fAdcSampPulseTimeRaw [fMaxAdcChannels]
Double_t fAdcTdcOffset
std::string fKwPrefix
Int_t fNumAdc
Int_t fNumTdc
Int_t fOutputSampWaveform
Int_t fRFId [2]
std::vector< std::string > fRFNames
Int_t fSampNSA
Int_t fSampNSAT
Int_t fSampNSB
Double_t fSampThreshold
std::vector< Double_tfSampWaveform
TString fSpectName
Int_t fTDC_RefTimeCut
Double_t fTdcChanperNS
Int_t fTdcMultiplicity [fMaxTdcChannels]
std::vector< std::string > fTdcNames
Double_t fTdcOffset
Double_t fTdcRefTime
Double_t fTdcTime [fMaxTdcChannels]
Int_t fTdcTimeRaw [fMaxTdcChannels]
Int_t fTrigId [4]
std::vector< std::string > fTrigNames
Int_t fUseSampWaveform
vector< Double_tfVecTdcTime [fMaxTdcChannels]
vector< Int_tfVecTdcTimeRaw [fMaxTdcChannels]
- Protected Attributes inherited from THaDetectorBase
VecDetData_t fDetectorData
Int_t fNelem
Int_t fNviews
TVector3 fOrigin
Double_t fSize [3]
TVector3 fXax
TVector3 fYax
TVector3 fZax
- Protected Attributes inherited from THaAnalysisObject
TString fConfig
Int_t fDebug
TDatime fInitDate
Bool_t fIsInit
Bool_t fIsSetup
std::map< std::string, UInt_tfMessages
UInt_t fNEventsWithWarnings
Bool_t fOKOut
char * fPrefix
UInt_t fProperties
EStatus fStatus
- Protected Attributes inherited from TNamed
TString fName
TString fTitle
- Protected Attributes inherited from TObject
- Protected Attributes inherited from THcHitList
Bool_t fDisableSlipCorrection
std::map< UInt_t, Decoder::Fadc250Module * > fFADCSlotMap
Bool_t fHaveFADCInfo
Int_t fNADCRef_miss
Int_t fNPED
Int_t fNRefIndex
Int_t fNSA
Int_t fNSB
UInt_t fNSignals
Int_t fNTDCRef_miss
std::vector< UInt_tfRefIdxDefined
std::vector< RefIndexMapfRefIndexMaps
Int_t fTICrate
Int_t fTISlot
std::map< UInt_t, Int_tfTrigTimeShiftMap

Static Protected Attributes

static const int fMaxAdcChannels = 200
static const int fMaxTdcChannels = 200

Private Member Functions

 ClassDef (THcTrigDet, 0)
 THcTrigDet ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from THaDetectorBase
typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< Podd::DetectorData > > VecDetData_t
- Public Types inherited from THaAnalysisObject
enum  EMode
enum  EStatus
enum  EType
- Public Types inherited from TObject
enum  EDeprecatedStatusBits
enum  EStatusBits
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from THaAnalysisObject
static Int_t DefineVarsFromList (const void *list, EType type, EMode mode, const char *def_prefix, const TObject *obj, const char *prefix, const char *here, const char *comment_subst="")
static void GeoToSph (Double_t th_geo, Double_t ph_geo, Double_t &th_sph, Double_t &ph_sph)
static Bool_t IntersectPlaneWithRay (const TVector3 &xax, const TVector3 &yax, const TVector3 &org, const TVector3 &ray_start, const TVector3 &ray_vect, Double_t &length, TVector3 &intersect)
static Int_t LoadDB (FILE *file, const TDatime &date, const DBRequest *request, const char *prefix, Int_t search=0, const char *here="THaAnalysisObject::LoadDB")
static void PrintObjects (Option_t *opt="")
static void SphToGeo (Double_t th_sph, Double_t ph_sph, Double_t &th_geo, Double_t &ph_geo)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TNamed
static TClassClass ()
static const char * Class_Name ()
static constexpr Version_t Class_Version ()
static const char * DeclFileName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TObject
static TClassClass ()
static const char * Class_Name ()
static constexpr Version_t Class_Version ()
static const char * DeclFileName ()
static Longptr_t GetDtorOnly ()
static Bool_t GetObjectStat ()
static void SetDtorOnly (void *obj)
static void SetObjectStat (Bool_t stat)
- Public Attributes inherited from THaAnalysisObject
- Public Attributes inherited from TObject
- Public Attributes inherited from THcHitList
Bool_t fADC_RefTimeBest
Int_t fADC_RefTimeCut
Int_t fNMaxRawHits
UInt_t fNRawHits
Bool_t fTDC_RefTimeBest
Int_t fTDC_RefTimeCut
- Protected Types inherited from THaAnalysisObject
enum  EProperties

Detailed Description

A mock detector to hold trigger related data.

This class behaves as a detector, but it does not correspond to any physical detector in the hall. Its purpose is to gather all the trigger related data comming from a specific source, like HMS.

Can hold up to 100 ADC and TDC channels, though the limit can be changed if needed. It just seemed like a reasonable starting value.

Only outputs the first hit for each channel to the Root tree leaf.

Defined variables

For ADC channels it defines:

  • raw pedestal: var_adcPedRaw
  • raw pulse integral: var_adcPulseIntRaw
  • raw pulse amplitude: var_adcPulseAmpRaw
  • raw pulse time: var_adcPulseTimeRaw
  • single sample pedestal value: var_adcPed
  • pedestal subtracted pulse integral: var_adcPulseInt
  • pedestal subtracted pulse amplitude: var_adcPulseAmp
  • multiplicity: var_adcMult

For TDC channels it defines:

  • raw TDC time: var_tdcTimeRaw
  • refence time subtracted TDC time: var_tdcTime
  • multiplicity: var_tdcMult

Parameter file variables

The names and number of channels is defined in a parameter file. The detector looks for next variables:

  • prefix_numAdc = number_of_ADC_channels
  • prefix_numTdc = number_of_TDC_channels
  • prefix_adcNames = "varName1 varName2 ... varNameNumAdc"
  • prefix_tdcNames = "varName1 varName2 ... varNameNumTdc"

Map file information

ADC channels must be assigned plane 1 and signal 0 while TDC channels must be assigned plane 2 and signal 1.

Each channel within a plane must be assigned a consecutive "bar" number, which is then used to get the correct variable name from parameter file.

Use only with THcTrigApp class.

Definition at line 16 of file THcTrigDet.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ THcTrigDet() [1/2]

THcTrigDet::THcTrigDet ( const char *  name,
const char *  description = "",
THaApparatus app = NULL 

A constructor.

[in]nameName of the apparatus. Is typically named after spectrometer whose trigger data is collecting; like "HMS".
[in]descriptionDescription of the apparatus.
[in]appThe parent apparatus pointer.

Definition at line 123 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ ~THcTrigDet()

THcTrigDet::~THcTrigDet ( )

A destructor.

Definition at line 140 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ THcTrigDet() [2/2]

THcTrigDet::THcTrigDet ( )

Definition at line 120 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddEvtType()

void THcTrigDet::AddEvtType ( int  evtype)

Definition at line 777 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ ClassDef()

THcTrigDet::ClassDef ( THcTrigDet  ,

◆ Clear()

void THcTrigDet::Clear ( Option_t opt = "")

Clears variables before next event.

[in]optMaybe used in base clas... Not sure.

Reimplemented from THaDetectorBase.

Definition at line 213 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ Decode()

Int_t THcTrigDet::Decode ( const THaEvData evData)

Decodes and processes events.

[in]evDataRaw data to decode.

Reimplemented from THaDetectorBase.

Definition at line 249 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ DefineVariables()

Int_t THcTrigDet::DefineVariables ( THaAnalysisObject::EMode  mode = kDefine)

Reimplemented from THaDetectorBase.

Definition at line 497 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ End()

Int_t THcTrigDet::End ( THaRunBase run)

Reimplemented from THaDetector.

Definition at line 802 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ Get_CT_Trigtime()

Double_t THcTrigDet::Get_CT_Trigtime ( Int_t  ii)

Definition at line 36 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ Get_RF_TrigTime()

Double_t THcTrigDet::Get_RF_TrigTime ( Int_t  ii)

Definition at line 40 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ HaveIgnoreList()

Bool_t THcTrigDet::HaveIgnoreList ( ) const

Definition at line 796 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ Init()

THaAnalysisObject::EStatus THcTrigDet::Init ( const TDatime date)

Initializes the detector variables.

[in]dateTime of the current run.

Reimplemented from THaAnalysisObject.

Definition at line 149 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ IsIgnoreType()

Bool_t THcTrigDet::IsIgnoreType ( Int_t  evtype) const

Definition at line 787 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ ReadDatabase()

Int_t THcTrigDet::ReadDatabase ( const TDatime date)

Reimplemented from THaDetectorBase.

Definition at line 391 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ SetEvtType()

void THcTrigDet::SetEvtType ( int  evtype)

Definition at line 781 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ SetSpectName()

void THcTrigDet::SetSpectName ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 772 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

◆ Setup()

void THcTrigDet::Setup ( const char *  name,
const char *  description 

Definition at line 383 of file THcTrigDet.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ eventtypes

std::vector<Int_t> THcTrigDet::eventtypes

Definition at line 114 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fADC_RefTimeCut

Int_t THcTrigDet::fADC_RefTimeCut

Definition at line 79 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcMultiplicity

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcMultiplicity[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 109 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcNames

std::vector<std::string> THcTrigDet::fAdcNames

Definition at line 65 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPed

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPed[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 91 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPedRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPedRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 86 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseAmp

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseAmp[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 93 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseAmpRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseAmpRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 88 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseInt

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseInt[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 92 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseIntRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseIntRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 87 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseTime

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseTime[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 94 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcPulseTimeRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcPulseTimeRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 89 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampMultiplicity

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampMultiplicity[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 110 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPed

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPed[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 101 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPedRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPedRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 96 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseAmp

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseAmp[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 103 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseAmpRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseAmpRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 98 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseInt

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseInt[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 102 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseIntRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseIntRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 97 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseTime

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseTime[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 104 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcSampPulseTimeRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fAdcSampPulseTimeRaw[fMaxAdcChannels]

Definition at line 99 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcTdcOffset

Double_t THcTrigDet::fAdcTdcOffset

Definition at line 54 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcTimeWindowMax

Double_t* THcTrigDet::fAdcTimeWindowMax

Definition at line 82 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fAdcTimeWindowMin

Double_t* THcTrigDet::fAdcTimeWindowMin

Definition at line 81 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fKwPrefix

std::string THcTrigDet::fKwPrefix

Definition at line 47 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fMaxAdcChannels

const int THcTrigDet::fMaxAdcChannels = 200

Definition at line 70 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fMaxTdcChannels

const int THcTrigDet::fMaxTdcChannels = 200

Definition at line 71 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fNumAdc

Int_t THcTrigDet::fNumAdc

Definition at line 49 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fNumTdc

Int_t THcTrigDet::fNumTdc

Definition at line 50 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fOutputSampWaveform

Int_t THcTrigDet::fOutputSampWaveform

Definition at line 58 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fPresentP

Bool_t* THcTrigDet::fPresentP

Definition at line 115 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fRFId

Int_t THcTrigDet::fRFId[2]

Definition at line 52 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fRFNames

std::vector<std::string> THcTrigDet::fRFNames

Definition at line 68 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSampNSA

Int_t THcTrigDet::fSampNSA

Definition at line 61 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSampNSAT

Int_t THcTrigDet::fSampNSAT

Definition at line 62 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSampNSB

Int_t THcTrigDet::fSampNSB

Definition at line 63 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSampThreshold

Double_t THcTrigDet::fSampThreshold

Definition at line 60 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSampWaveform

std::vector<Double_t> THcTrigDet::fSampWaveform

Definition at line 106 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fSpectName

TString THcTrigDet::fSpectName

Definition at line 113 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTDC_RefTimeCut

Int_t THcTrigDet::fTDC_RefTimeCut

Definition at line 78 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcChanperNS

Double_t THcTrigDet::fTdcChanperNS

Definition at line 56 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcMultiplicity

Int_t THcTrigDet::fTdcMultiplicity[fMaxTdcChannels]

Definition at line 108 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcNames

std::vector<std::string> THcTrigDet::fTdcNames

Definition at line 66 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcOffset

Double_t THcTrigDet::fTdcOffset

Definition at line 55 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcRefTime

Double_t THcTrigDet::fTdcRefTime

Definition at line 111 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcTime

Double_t THcTrigDet::fTdcTime[fMaxTdcChannels]

Definition at line 74 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcTimeRaw

Int_t THcTrigDet::fTdcTimeRaw[fMaxTdcChannels]

Definition at line 73 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcTimeWindowMax

Double_t* THcTrigDet::fTdcTimeWindowMax

Definition at line 84 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTdcTimeWindowMin

Double_t* THcTrigDet::fTdcTimeWindowMin

Definition at line 83 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTrigId

Int_t THcTrigDet::fTrigId[4]

Definition at line 51 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fTrigNames

std::vector<std::string> THcTrigDet::fTrigNames

Definition at line 67 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fUseSampWaveform

Int_t THcTrigDet::fUseSampWaveform

Definition at line 59 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fVecTdcTime

vector<Double_t> THcTrigDet::fVecTdcTime[fMaxTdcChannels]

Definition at line 76 of file THcTrigDet.h.

◆ fVecTdcTimeRaw

vector<Int_t> THcTrigDet::fVecTdcTimeRaw[fMaxTdcChannels]

Definition at line 75 of file THcTrigDet.h.

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