EPICS/Accelerator Screens

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EPICS / Accelerator Screens

There are two primary ways to access these screens. Run one of these commands as the 'cdaq' user:

 % jmenu       # preferred
 % jtabs       # no longer supported, but sometimes useful

NOTE: jmenu's best feature is the search bar at the top. Type in a substring of what you're looking for and you will be presented with a list of matches.

EPICS / Accelerator Screens

  • Hall C Operations Menu : JMenu:Standalone Menus:Hall C
    • Many Hall C specific items can be found here if you dig, but it is generally faster to use the jmenu search tool

Stripchart.jpg General-acc.jpg Hallc-gasshed.jpg Hallc-collimator.jpg
  • JMenu:Plots:MyaPlot 'or'
  • JMenu:Plots:LivePlot
General Accelerator Screen
  • Search for 'General' and choose "Tools Screen"
Hall C Gas Shed Interlocks
  • Search for 'gas shed'
Hall C SHMS/HMS Collimator controls
  • Search for 'hms coll'
Hallc-fast-feedback.jpg Harp-fitter.jpg Harp-history.jpg Harp-analyzer.png
Hall C Fast Feed Back Screen
  • Search for 'fast feedback'
Harp Fitter
  • Search for 'harp'
Harp History
  • Search for 'harp'
Harp Analyzer
  • Search for 'harp'
  • NOTE: This tool not working from the Hall C machines yet... Harp Fitter is probably the new version (it works).
Hallc-vacuum.jpg Hallc-summary.jpg Hallc-yag.png Hallc-raster.jpg
Hall C Vacuum
  • JMenu:Standalone Menus:Hall C:Hall C Vacuum
Hall C Summary Screen
  • JMenu:Operations:Wall Menu, then Select INJ/Halls:Hall C from the Wall Menu
  • Contains: Beam energy, current, Fast Feedback (FFB), BPMs, etc
YAG Viewer [3H07]
  • Image from [ELOG 3405235]
  • Hall_C_YAG_Viewer
  • NOTE: This tool may not work from the Hall C machines...
  • Need to check with Accel to determine if Hall can bring up an image ourselves...
Hall C Raster
  • Search for 'raster'
Hallc-bpms.jpg Hallc-DC-thresholds.jpg Helicity.png Locks.jpg
Hall C BPMs
  • Run go_bpms from the cdaq account
Hall C Chamber Thresholds
  • Search for 'threshold'
Helicity Status/Controls
  • Search for 'helicity control'
Energy & Position Lock Status
  • Operations:Locks:{Energy Lock or Orbit Locks:Desktop}
IHWP Status
  • Search for 'spin' and choose Parity Controls