RC Meeting and Runplan, Saturday, August 25

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  • Status
    • No beam to hall overnight
    • Hoping to send CW to Hall C despite trouble sending 5 pass to Halls B and D
    • Progress slowed by dump FSD issue

  • Run plan
    • Saturday SWING-Sunday OWL and DAY
      • Initial beam setup to the hall
      • If MCC asks, the Compton electron detector is OUT
      • Make sure target is OUT
      • After initial setup - SHMS steering plan will be executed (please call RC if not already on site). When MCC asks, ramp up magnets (one at a time) to settings for -6.053 GeV.
      • After completion of SHMS steering plan, proceed with beam checkout, and then move one to the detector and trigger checkout. Call experts before start (Malace, Pooser, Berdnikov, Ambrose for detector checkout, Malace, Poose, Huber, Trotta for trigger checkout)