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TECHNICAL NOTE: pi-/pi+ Separated Response Functions Ratios in Forward Pion Electroproduction on Deuterium at Q^2=0.6-2.45 GeV^2 and -t=0.1-0.4 GeV^2

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Garth Huber
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Garth Huber
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23 Jan 2014, 13:14
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23 Jan 2014, 13:14
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23 Jan 2014, 13:15
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The study of exclusive pi+,- electroproduction on the nucleon, including separation of the various structure functions, is of interest for a number of reasons. The ratio R_L=sigma_L(pi-)/sigma_L(pi+) is sensitive to isoscalar contamination to the dominant isovector pion exchange amplitude, which is the basis for the determination of the charged pion form factor, F_pi(Q^2), from electroproduction data. The value of this ratio may also have implications for constraining polarized GPDs with ratios of longitudinal observables. A change in the value of R_T=sigma_T(pi-)/sigma_T(pi+) from unity at small -t, to a value of 1/4 at large -t, would suggest a transition from coupling to a (virtual) pion to coupling to individual quarks. Furthermore, the mentioned ratios may show an earlier approach to pQCD than the individual cross sections. Here, we report on the first complete separation of the four unpolarized electromagnetic structure functions above the dominant resonances in forward, exclusive pi+,- electroproduction on the nucleon for Q^2=0.6-2.45 (GeV/c)^2. The results indicate dominance of the pion-pole diagram at low -t.
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