Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CScaler9001Decoder module to retrieve the TI scalers
 CScaler9250Decoder module to read the FADC250 scalers
 CTHcAerogelClass for an Aerogel detector consisting of pairs of PMT's attached to a diffuser box
 CTHcAerogelHitRaw Aerogel Hit Info
 CTHcAnalyzerHall C analyzer class
 CTHcBCMCurrentRead BCM current from scalers and compare to thresholds
 CTHcCherenkovClass for gas Cherenkov detectors
 CTHcCherenkovHitClass representing a Cherenkov PMT hit
 CTHcCoinTimeClass for calculating and adding the Coincidence Time in the Tree
 CTHcConfigEvtHandlerAnalyze Hall C Configuration events. (Event type 125)
 CTHcDCAnalyze a package of horizontal drift chambers
 CTHcDCHitDrift chamber wire hit info
 CTHcDCLookupTTDConvDrift time to distance conversion via lookup table
 CTHcDCPlaneClusterClass for clusters in the same orientation planes (V,X or U)
 CTHcDCTimeToDistConvBase class for algorithms to convert time into perpendicular drift distance
 CTHcDCTrackClass representing a track found from linking DC Space points
 CTHcDCWireClass representing a drift chamber wire
 CTHcDetectorMapClass to read and hold a Hall C style detector map
 CTHcDriftChamberSubdetector class for a single drift chamber with several planes
 CTHcDriftChamberPlaneClass for a a single Hall C horizontal drift chamber plane
 CTHcDummySpectrometerA dummy spectrometer apparatus for testing detectors
 CTHcExtTarCorExtended target corrections physics module
 CTHcFormulaEnhanced THaFormula for use in report files
 CTHcHallCSpectrometerA standard Hall C spectrometer apparatus
 CTHcHelicityDetermine the beam helicity for the current event
 CTHcHelicityReaderExtract helicity information from FADC250 modules
 CTHcHelicityScalerEvent handler for Hall C helicity scalers
 CTHcHitListBuilds a Hall C ENGINE style list of raw hits from raw data
 CTHcHodoEffClass for accumulating statistics for and calculating hodoscope efficiencies
 CTHcHodoHitClass representing a single hit for the Hodoscopes
 CTHcHodoscopeGeneric hodoscope consisting of multiple planes with multiple paddles with phototubes on both ends
 CTHcInterfaceTHcInterface is the interactive interface to the Hall C Analyzer
 CTHcParmListA list parameters and their values
 CTHcPeriodicReportA physics module to generate periodic reports from a template
 CTHcPrimaryKineClass for the Calculate kinematics of scattering of the primary (beam) particle. These are usually the electron kinematics
 CTHcRasterDetector class for fast raster
 CTHcRasteredBeamApparatus for a rastered beam
 CTHcRasterRawHitClass representing a single raw hit for the raster
 CTHcRawAdcHitClass representing a single raw ADC hit
 CTHcRawDCHitClass representing for drift chamber wire (or other device with a single multihit TDC channel per detector element
 CTHcRawHitBase class detector specific raw hit that go into hit lists
 CTHcRawHodoHitClass representing a single raw hit for a hodoscope paddle
 CTHcRawShowerHitClass representing a single raw hit for a shower paddle
 CTHcRawTdcHitClass representing a single raw TDC hit
 CTHcReactionPointCalculate vertex coordinates
 CTHcRunDescription of a CODA run on disk with Hall C parameter DB
 CTHcRunParametersGet the run parameters from the parameter database so that db_run.dat is not needed in hcana
 CTHcScalerEvtHandlerEvent handler for Hall C scalers
 CTHcScintillatorPlaneA single plane of scintillators
 CTHcSecondaryKineClass for the Calculate kinematics of scattering of the secondary (hadron) particle
 CTHcShowerGeneric segmented shower detector
 CTHcShowerArrayFly's eye array of shower blocks
 CTHcShowerPlaneOne plane of shower blocks with side readout
 CTHcSpacePointClass representing a single hit DC
 CTHcTimeSyncEvtHandlerEvent handler to check TI and FADC synchronization
 CTHcTrigAppA mock spectrometer to hold all trigger related data
 CTHcTrigDetA mock detector to hold trigger related data
 CTHcTrigRawHitClass representing a single raw hit for the THcTrigDet
 CTIBlobModuleDecoder module to pull information out of the TI blob that is read in each ROC